Scent descriptions

It's a tricky thing, to buy scented products from a website. What we could really do with is a form of scented interactive technology... however, until the techy folk manage to invent it, please find the scent list and their descriptions as best as I can do them in order to evoke the right thoughts, memories and inspirations for you.

Amaryllis & Black Pepper Quickly becoming a favourite for me with it's light and clean floral notes drifting at the top with subtle but unmistakeable base notes of spicy black pepper. This harmonious pairing of floral and spice creates a fragrance which appeals to men and women alike.  Woody
Antique Amber A light, slightly sweet and musky scent with a hint of Pachoulli. Eastern and deep without being too heady and overbearing.  Woody
Blackberry Jam Warm, deep, fruity and slightly sticky, a traditional scent which reminds us of childhood walks in blackberry filled hedgerows. Sweet
Earl Grey & Lavender Crisp sharp notes of citrussy and floral Bergamot blend beautifully with the soothing, calming tones of Lavender Fresh / Woody
Fresh Linen Fresh Linen smells just like clean, fresh, sun dried linen, it's as though someone has done your laundry for you! Fresh
Jasmine A fresh, clean and light floral fragrance, not too over powering. Evocative of gently brushing past a Jasmine bush in full flower Floral
Mojito Fresh and yet slightly sweet lime, a hint of mint with a crush of brown sugar and just a little bit of fizz- just like the perfect cocktail Fresh
Pink Pear & Peony A perfect mix of sweet fruity pink pears & delicate floral peonies Floral / Sweet
Rhubarb Deep and fruity while being sweet with just a hint of tartness, a complexity which we love about Rhubarb. So quintesstially English!  Sweet
Sherbet Lemon Fizzy, sharp, citrus. Imagine eating a bag of sherbet lemons (the first few anyway, after that the roof of mouth hurts), the zesty juicy lemon hit followed by the fizzy sparkling sherbet in the middle. Fresh
Spa Day A unique Lubylu blend containing soothing Aloe Vera, cooling Cucumber and just a smidge of coconut. Evocative of a relaxation room at your favourite Spa. The scent is designed relax and uplift your spirits. Fresh / Woody
Vintage Vanilla Sweet, deep, buttery and oh so delicious.Vintage Vanilla smells just like those traditional 'original' toffee sweets. Sweet