About Lubylu

Lubylu - Lucy Pimblott

Designed to fragrance your home and your life with aspirational scents that inspire and revive, relax and invigorate.

After 15 years working in marketing for large corporate groups I decided to follow my creative passion, and what better way to do that than by designing and making desirable, elegant and stylish products that make your home smell amazing.

I love the fact that everyone who comes to Lubylu HQ comments on how incredible it smells and of course it will! My aim is to make your home smell just as amazing so that your friends comment on it too.

Lubylu started as a hobby business which quickly developed into range of desirable handmade home fragrance products and now my full time passion.

Having discovered that soy wax produces a cleaner burn and, for many, a more discernible scent throw, I chose to work with it for my candles and wax melts. The fact that the soy wax I use comes from sustainable sources, is animal friendly and is not a product of genetic modification is important to me, as is the fact that I try, where possible, to source my ingredients, raw materials, packaging and other business support from UK suppliers.

My aim has always been to create something elegant and desirable with a hint of fun (I love colour and a sprinkling of glitter) which is affordable as an everyday luxury, but which also makes a very welcome gift for any occasion. I want your family and friends to want their homes to smell as great as yours!

Enjoy your Lubylu Handmade Home Fragrance.

Lubylu - Lucy Pimblott